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Step 1 - Download and print this PDF document

Step 2 - Ask a grown-up to cut out the 6 black circles.

These will form the holes where the fingers will be slotted in.


Step 3 - Cut all of the shapes out with scissors as shown

Cutting 002.png

Step 4 - Cut a little further

along these 4 lines shown by the red arrows.

This is to create foldable tabs (shown below)

Step 5 - Cut a little further

along these 4 lines shown by the red arrows.

This is to create foldable tabs (shown below)

Cutting 001.png
Cutting 003.png

Step 6 - Fold along all of the lines for each part which has been cut out apart from this line on the feet sections. This line is just to line up the foot with the bottom of the body later on.

Step 7 - Once all of the lines have been folded along, apply glue to each tab to assemble the head, body, arms and legs


Step 8 - Glue the head onto the body first. Hold the body like a finger puppet to gently help support the adhesion.

Step 9 - Roll each of the 6 black rectangles as shown below and insert them into the holes in the arm to create the fingers. It is easier to roll one and then insert into the hole straight away incase they unfurl.


Step 10 - Glue the

arms to the body.

Use the line on the

side of the body to

line the arm up in



Step 11 - Glue the legs to the body. Apply glue just above the horizontal line on each leg and use this as a guide to line the leg up with the bottom of the body. Put your finger through the hole in the bottom of the foot to help support the adhesion.


Step 12 - Glue both

antenna parts together

to create a front and

back. Line up the red

circle with the red circle

and the white circle with

the other white circle.

Fold where the white

circle meets the stalk

and glue to the head

where the "X" is marked.


Step 13 - Fold the yellow rectangle at the bottom of the Power Cheeseman to create a stand and glue him to the Cheesebot 3000 wherever you like!

Step 14 - Now that you've built your Cheeseman robot, why not enter our fabulous competition below?

If you would like to enter but don't use Facebook or Twitter you can email your pictures through to

2019 Competition Poster version.png
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